Liznjan  gives you the oppurtunity to take long, pleasant walks along a 28km coast, through wooks and immense meadows, all with marvelous views of the Kvarner islands.

Cycling fans, especially those of mountain-bike can enjoy riding on numerous cycling trachs in the nature.

Riding centres near Liznjan offer numerous opportunities, from riding school, hurdle racing to riding in the nature.

In Ližnjan and in the nearby Medulin the white-sports fans can recreate everyday.

Make your holiday different, free yourself of every-day problems and stress, strenghten your charactes, revive your sleeping adventure spiris with the exciting paintball, a game for men and women of all ages and life styles, all around the world.

Beach Volley
At the Salbunic beach there is a beach volley area.


Hunting society „Bena“ helps all who wants to try hunting phaesants, partridges, hares, deer and wild boars.

Birdwatching fans can enjoy in watching the rare and lively bird Merops apiaster, especially in summer months.

Swimming and snorkeling
The crystal clear sea is prefect for swimming and snorkelling, while a nearby diving centre offers a door to the magical aquatic underworld. Numerous, wild rocky and gravel beaches are just made for playing and taking a rest, swimming and game sin the shallow water. Those beaches can be reached by boat or on foot. Local inhabitants will show you how to reach lonely beaches.
In the Kuje bay there is the Salbunić beach, with necessary facilities, and by the Matanićev isak beach there is  an attracting pine wood giving the pleasure of shade and Kargadur, remains of a Roman pier when leaving Kuje port.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing
Strong wind gives exceptional conditions for fast surfing on beautiful waves, and Ližnjan is a known surfers' destination during the whole year. Many surfers' competitions take place here.




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