The area of Ližnjan is widely known for its bora wind, a northeast wind that attracts many windsurfers and kiters throughout the year.

Strong wind and big waves are the main reasons why many kiters and windsurfers from Croatia and abroad flock to the bay of Kuje. Its closed shape and deep sandy bottom provide safety during falls and extreme jumps. As waves become bigger and winds stronger, the adrenaline of kiters and windsurfers grows, their spectacular stunts leaving many spectators breathless.

These sports do not require strength, but an understanding of the principles of controlling the kite or the sail attached to the surfer’s waist by a harness. Failure to understand the principles of kite and wind operation can be very dangerous and lead to injury. It is important to point out that it is by no means recommended to practice kitesurfing and windsurfing without prior training and a good instructor.

Locations suitable for kite and windsurfing: Kuje Bay and Marlera                                                 

Location suitable for surfing (surfing on the waves without the use of wind): Marlera


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